The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.


March 2016

An Endless Bus Ride – Tyler Callahan

Yellow rubber-coating ‘round The support pole Rattles as we leave the town. En masse we stroll East to where the planes touch down. Not a soul Would break the silence then. In whispers two old women spoke Of things they... Continue Reading →


The Church of True Israel: A Scene from the Midwestern Life – Alex Busse

The air outside is hot and humid.  The sun is a blinding white blot, reminiscent of a blot one may see by standing too quickly.  The boy lives in a town in northeast Indiana outside of Fort Wayne.  His house... Continue Reading →

L is for Lost – Amanda Spencer

Take the green line to Clark and Lake, then transfer to the orange line and ride that to Quincy, and then walk the rest of the way from there? Or was it transfer at Adam’s  and Wabash and ride the... Continue Reading →

Dying Embers – Megan Spencer

Sitting on the cold metal chairs with all the other basketball players on the team, I scanned the bleachers looking for my father. All the people standing in the bleachers looked the same, since the game was away. They wore... Continue Reading →

Sing, and be Heard – Haleigh Smith

SHANTAY: A Frustrated and angry teenage girl AHASBAI: Middle-aged, warm counselor SCENE 1 (The stage is entirely black except for a spotlight over a chair and couch stage right, set up like a psychiatrist’s office. The chair is occupied by... Continue Reading →

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