The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.


December 2017

A Day

by Brianne Larson 8:01  My alarm is still buzzing causing the vibrations to alert me that another day is beginning. 8:32  I choose to hit the snooze button three more times and my tired body is finally forced to roll... Continue Reading →


by Ashley Baughman When I was a child, I cowered in fear when the night time slipped silently by.         I would fear that the darkness would tear me apart, that the shadows would come alive.     ... Continue Reading →

Learning From Experience

by Stephanie Hickner I always loved snow days as a child. The quietness of snow falling, the crisp coldness that chilled your nostrils, sitting inside by my overly warm wood burner, drinking hot chocolate, it was just enough to please... Continue Reading →

A Poem About A Girl – Spoken Word

"A Poem About A Girl" performed by Spencer French at the Wham Bam Poetry Slam at Notre Dame.

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