by Dr. Bryan Isaac

Creator’s might
Crafts our delight,
His works reveal His nature.
The land, the sky,
The birds that fly;
Our planet’s every creature.

Then humans came,
Born in His name,
God’s plan? With us, relate!
But we said “no,”
Our way we’d go:
Rejecting God, our fate.

Ties to renew,
God chose a few;
Through them all nations blesses.
He led this race –
They’d see His face;
Gave Law and Scriptures, precious.

Long years passed by,
Their faith ran dry,
God’s favored were cast out.
Yet David’s seed,
God’s Prince of Peace,
By love would win: no doubt.

God’s only Son
To Earth did come,
The perfect Incarnation.
He came to die,
Then rose on high –
The needed resurrection.

So now God dares
To call us heirs;
Through Christ we are forgiven .
With Him we’ll live,
All praise we’ll give,
Abide with God in heaven.