The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.


January 2020

Peripheral Shadow

By Madison Dykes The soft click-click, slide of my mechanical pencil soothed me, as I waited for class to begin. The room was loud and rambunctious as usual as my classmates and I awaited Dr. Brandt’s arrival. I shook my... Continue Reading →


By Lynn Ford Like a wolf,protector of its pack,his eyes aflame,he stared down the boyswho treat hearts like toys.He ignited my hopessaid I’d never cry alone.He saidI love you.I saidBut for how long?He saidForever and always.Like the winter cold,false hope... Continue Reading →

A Haunting Past

By Michelle Moraitis The fog was thick. Ricky put one shaky foot in front of the other, praying that he was still on the path he could no longer see. The forest around him was void of even the rustle... Continue Reading →

G(r)ay Matters

By Ada Veijola It was so simple back then. It was the first day of spring. The air smelled like a mixture of mud and leaves and the scent that worms bring up with them when they crawl out of... Continue Reading →

Playing with Fire

By Gabrielle Swartzentruber The twinkle in your eyes Lights the blazing inferno In your smile, and is the Gunpowder in your laughter Unbridled and booming, Yet is merely ash hinting At the volcanic love Underneath. I try to cling to... Continue Reading →

Lessons of Control, Learned in the Paradox of Sexuality

By Mahalia Gaff When I was in middle school, I first touched myself. It scared me, how I felt in that moment. But ultimately, the fear won out and I didn’t do it again, at least not for many, many... Continue Reading →

Doughnuts and Squatters

By Jamie Mast When my RA (Residential Assistant) suggested we should go out and do something fun for the night, I was thinking of bowling, or at the very least, a run to Dairy Queen. It wasn’t either of those,... Continue Reading →

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