By Sumer Schindler

An Encounter to Wonder 
A path of life, a pattern, a line,  
A schedule crossed and intertwined with mine— 
Purpose unborn except that of time, 
 A glance, a step, we remain blind. 
 The heavens, the earth—they all align 
To create the moment in which we collide; 
He catches me and I fall even farther out of line; 
An intake of breath, a greeting with our eyes 
And now we have met for the last first time. 
An encounter to wonder—is it a sign? 
If his hand reaches out it will meet mine. 

We Started to Dance 
It started simple— 
A smile, a glance,  
But before we knew it 
We started to dance. 
We moved so fast, 
Our feet never slowing,  
With stars in our eyes— 
We started glowing. 
We couldn’t catch our breath, 
But not for a moment 
Did we want it to end. 

My Home 
It only took one time 
To realize my mistake 
It only took one time 
One look across his face. 
There is a certain type of pain 
That I now claim as my own, 
But that certain type of pain— 
It is now my home. 

He Told Me that He Loves Me 
He told me that 
He loves me. 
I said, 
I love you too. 
But I know  
Beyond a doubt, 
It’s a lie 
Through and through. 

The Price 
I do not want pity 
Nor will I deal with shame, 
I only want to know 
How it feels—that type of pain. 
Does is burn and make you shudder— 
Does it freeze you to the core— 
Does it create in you a passion— 
Does it make you scream for more? 
Curiosity killing me, 
It’s a line I should not cross, 
Time—it cannot save me— 
To gain I face a loss. 
I think I understand now, 
Though I know I’ll pay the price. 
Now in eternal silence, 
Yet still—a better life. 
There is No Other Way 
A million and one stars in the sky, 
Driving alone through the night. 
The world flies past in a never-ending blur, 
The road beneath—the only tie to earth. 
Secrets fade when you’re further away 
Because mystery is a part of the game. 
The faster I drive the freer I feel— 
Bad decisions come easy from behind the wheel. 
My love, I'm sorry, but I couldn’t stay. 
I am afraid, I am afraid—there is no other way. 

The Water Is Dark, Black, and Beckoning 
The water is dark, black, and beckoning; 
It is treacherous and cold, 
And it is laughing 
a laughter which can freeze bones. 
The water is calling in the evil of night, 
It is deadly and threatening— 
A hypnotizing sight  
Amidst a world unsettling. 
The water is swirling and thrashing, 
Yet my subconscious longs 
To dive beneath the surface, slipping 
Into a place I don’t belong. 
“The water is safe—a place for hiding” 
It whispers to me. 
It is lying 
But I do not see. 
The water is dark, black, and beckoning 
But it is sleep and it is peace, 
My name it is calling. 
On the edge of the cliff, I turn to leave. 

This Time I’d Promise 
I’m sorry I made you go. 
I’m sorry I caused you grief. 
If only I would’ve known, 
I’d have never made you leave. 
You gave me what I've never had— 
Something to lose— 
And I really lost bad. 
You say you didn’t want to lose me, 
But I’m the one who did the losing. 
You’ve moved on 
Now you’re gone, 
All while I can’t even start moving. 
Oh, how I wish we could’ve found a cure— 
That we could go back to the way things were. 
And this time, I’d promise 
You wouldn’t get hurt.