This is a brand new initiative from The Crossings. In its first year, its trial run, The Crossings’ Staff has selected Bryce Yoder as the publication’s Student Writer in Residence (SWIR). This means that Bryce will represent the publication by producing his own creative writings, of his choosing, throughout the remainder of the school year.

A SWIR will be selected every Spring to represent the publication in the following school year.

It is both a privilege and an honor to have Bryce Yoder writing regularly for The Crossings and it is exciting to think of where he will take this project.

Look out in the coming weeks for information on how you, a student at Bethel University, might apply to be next year’s Student Writer in Residence, and stayed tuned this week to read Bryce’s first piece introducing himself to all of us.

Mahalia Gaff
Managing Editor