By Michala Zappia

A little girl who danced and   

sang, as if the whole world stood to watch,   

became a woman filled with grief, who   

knew no more than loss.  

For as she grew, the light within 

began to dimly shine, and the sparkle that  

once lit her world was trampled by 

life’s trials. 

The little boy from down the street  

who loved to play in dirt, 

became a man so full of hate,   

he never spoke a word.  

As he grew, his love for play 

became no more than fear, for if  

he grazed a speck of dust, he felt 

life would end right here. 

But both deep-down are still the same 

children they once were. Both love to 

play and hope and sing, but fear 

has kept them far.  

Both have forgotten the child who   

once danced and played with joy,  

when the world was fresh and new 

and yet to be explored. 

Sweet child underneath old bones,  

how did you so quick forget   

there are other worlds for you to know,   

deep inside your head?