Welcome to The Crossings, the official online literary magazine of the Bethel College Literature and Language Department.

Our mission is to explore the human experience at the intersection of faith and art. We want to do this by cultivating a community at Bethel College which takes seriously the call to worship God and express ourselves through the creation of a wide variety of beautiful art.

Our belief is that art illuminates the world around us. The creation and consumption of art sheds light on the human experience, the sacred, and the interaction between the two. At The Crossings, we explore these themes through the mediums of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual arts.

Our hope is that here you will encounter art which illuminates and enlarges your own experience of the world and causes you to reflect upon the first Creator, the one who is the source of all beauty and truth.


Alex Busse and Jeanne Palmateer, Managing Editors