The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.



Why I am the Way I am- Destiny Dodd

Have you ever felt like everything was just in your head? Have you felt so invisible even when people are looking straight at you? Have you ever felt so alone even when you are in a crowded room full of... Continue Reading →


My Cancerized Future

By: Sumer Schindler Its funny how one views their life. Always pushing things off “until later,” after all, I’ve got all the time in the world. There’s this beautiful, mesmerizing thing we call the future. Its where all our hopes... Continue Reading →

Discount Massacre -Sarah Lohroff

Egregious greeds grieve over their loss of victory They come home empty-handed with no offering The children of their tribe wail in the night Failed provisions are out of sight Remember the sufferers who mourn, Set aside a moment of... Continue Reading →


By: Emily Oliver It was the highest stakes game of rock-paper-scissors ever played. People asked for years to come why Wallace would ever bet so much on random chance, but the truth was, he really thought he was going to... Continue Reading →

How do I develop conflict and tension in my story?

So you’ve developed a plot and created your characters. Now, you have to make your readers care. As your characters begin their story and live out the plot you’ve created, there must be tension in your writing. You don’t simply... Continue Reading →

Cleanse by Stephanie Hickner

Not all rainy days are riddled with bad luck. More often than not, I will tread through a dreary, wet, Thursday, feeling as if the sidewalks are paved with gold. When skies are clear and weather is temperate, however, it’s... Continue Reading →

What I Saw in the Window

Emily Oliver I’ve been told I’m paranoid. I mean, not that I’m told much of anything anymore. That’s just another beautiful result of moving to the middle of nowhere: people don’t feel as inclined to come tell you what they... Continue Reading →

Night Swim -Nic Weimer

I glanced down into the reflection of the evening-sky over the still waters. I watched the small wakes, created by my quiet splashing feet, cross the lake’s surface. They bent and warped the image in its progression away from me.... Continue Reading →

How much backstory should I use?

Writing backstory can be a delicate balance. Write too much and your readers will get bored waiting for the plot to move forward, but don’t write enough and you’ll leave readers hopelessly confused. A masterful writer will know how to... Continue Reading →

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