The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.



The Beauty of Life

By Cassie McNamara Once the sky was always sunny, a smile never left my face. Everyday felt like Christmas, full of good cheer and good grace. This was when I was younger, the world full of surprise. Before I grew... Continue Reading →

Sweet Child

By Michala Zappia A little girl who danced and    sang, as if the whole world stood to watch,    became a woman filled with grief, who    knew no more than loss.   For as she grew, the light within  began to dimly... Continue Reading →

How I See Myself

By Hannah Mihut I’m fairly certain everyone has, at least once, been asked what their favorite physical feature is or what physical feature they notice first when introduced to someone new. Our sense of what we’re attracted to, what we... Continue Reading →

The Hummingbird

By Elijah Bansen Flew far and wide,   Flitting quick and soft with skill   over bank and under tree   he shot, over and beyond the hill,   in search of his chosen nectar,   of which he would obtain,   from a very special... Continue Reading →

Heartbreak Season

By Fatima Tlahuel The winter's chill  Is a different feel  One that pierces   The skin’s appeal   The wind’s howl  Lasts a while  The emptiness  Stretches for miles Now it’s spring  And the birds sing  But the rain pours  On the... Continue Reading →


By Michala Zappia She pushed aside sheer curtains and looked past the window at the garden. Well, what used to be a garden. The place once beautifully overflowing with squashes, tomatoes, carrots, zucchinis, berries, and various flowers was overrun by... Continue Reading →


By Elijah Bansen Stillness. Everything was still across the dusty landscape as he trudged up the path toward the ranch. There were no crops to be seen in any direction, nor were there any animals. It seemed totally devoid of... Continue Reading →


By Hannah Bansen Hire me,   Fire me,   Go ahead and wire me   all of the instructions you could possibly require me       to use   not abuse   ‘cause it's better not to lose   all the energy and empathy you fought so hard to fuse      ... Continue Reading →


By ZZ Kokonaing I know exactly what I’m going to do.  It all started that day behind our middle school, in those melancholy-grey asphalt bus lots that were half the size of a football stadium, the kind of bus lots... Continue Reading →

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