The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.




By Michala Zappia She pushed aside sheer curtains and looked past the window at the garden. Well, what used to be a garden. The place once beautifully overflowing with squashes, tomatoes, carrots, zucchinis, berries, and various flowers was overrun by... Continue Reading →


By Elijah Bansen Stillness. Everything was still across the dusty landscape as he trudged up the path toward the ranch. There were no crops to be seen in any direction, nor were there any animals. It seemed totally devoid of... Continue Reading →

The Storm

By Corbin Knight “God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference, living one day at a time; enjoying one moment at a... Continue Reading →

To Save a Life

By Taylor Knight Snow clothed the landscape in freezing white, laying across the earth like a blanket of death for those ill-prepared. Fortunately for the kids, their parents had bundled them up with more layers than they could count. “You... Continue Reading →

The Risks of Love for an American Teenage Girl

Hannah Mihut Since the age of thirteen, Violet spent most waking hours, and many unconscious ones as well, thinking about what it would be like to find true love – how magical it would be when Mr. Right finally walked... Continue Reading →

Westlake: The Gain of Victimhood

By Josiah Hackett A wheel is a tricky object to steer when a hand is trying to get him into its driveway and “hang out.” A hill is hard to navigate when a hand is touching his knee, wanting him... Continue Reading →

The Day I Lost My Life

By Gabrielle Swartzentruber Hiroshima. A beautiful city boasting elegant skyscrapers and sparkling rivers under rows of undulating bridges. A city harmonizing advanced technology with the tranquility of nature. I couldn’t think of a better place to include on my honeymoon... Continue Reading →

Eden Revisited

By Clair Prins Her eyes slowly blinked open. Her gaze moved around the long room, but seemed to takenothing in. Helia was shivering; her bare feet freezing against the cool cement floor. “Hello?” Only her echo responded, just as confused... Continue Reading →

Pain of Memories

By Taylor Knight “Ow! Geez, are you trying to kill me?!” Perhaps Jedediah could have phrased his words better, but when techni-fingers peel flesh that close to the brain stem, a person can become rather agitated. The back of his... Continue Reading →

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