The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.



Eden Revisited

By Clair Prins Her eyes slowly blinked open. Her gaze moved around the long room, but seemed to takenothing in. Helia was shivering; her bare feet freezing against the cool cement floor. “Hello?” Only her echo responded, just as confused... Continue Reading →

Pain of Memories

By Taylor Knight “Ow! Geez, are you trying to kill me?!” Perhaps Jedediah could have phrased his words better, but when techni-fingers peel flesh that close to the brain stem, a person can become rather agitated. The back of his... Continue Reading →

My Ghosts

By Michala Zappia Darkness, solitude, and calm. The closest I’ve ever felt to non-existence. Quietly unaware of just how peaceful this existence is. The alarm sounds. With tired eyes I reach to silence the irritating noise. My mind hovers above... Continue Reading →

What if We Could See?

By Mahalia Gaff It happened so many years ago that people don’t talk about it anymore. Yeah, yeah, we can’t see anymore, but who cares? What matters is what we’re doing now, without our sight, not how to get it... Continue Reading →

That Saved a Wretch Like Me

By Gabrielle Swartzentruber Freezing rain poured down indiscriminately upon the band of warriors, the frigid water striking Ivar’s beard like icy spiders entangling themselves in their webs.  The pounding of the horses’ hooves blended with Ivar’s own pounding heart as... Continue Reading →

Among the Stars

By Taylor Knight “Get out of there, Reggie!” The large, emerald green beetle continued on its way through the interior of the pipeline, oblivious to the foreign noises of the man who was speaking to it. A single horn was... Continue Reading →

Building My Own City

By Michelle Moraitis “Let’s just play one more game of hide and seek! Please!” I begged Rico and Javier, pressing my palms together. We already played six games, but my cousins didn’t come over very often. If only Rico wanted... Continue Reading →

Buddy the Dragon

By Elaina Abbott A couple of years ago there were no dragons in our land, Thunderland. I was the one who changed that. Well Markus and I. We brought a dragon into Thunderland. Well, we didn’t bring it in. We... Continue Reading →

All Good Things

By Lynn Ford I hadn’t wanted to break up with him. But to me, it seemed inevitable. All good things come to an end: the phrase just popped in my head, out of nowhere. I was walking with him when... Continue Reading →

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