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High School Writing Contest Winners

Fall 2021 High School Writing Contest

Bethel University’s literary magazine, The Crossings, is excited to announce our very own high school writing contest! From October 19, 2021 through December 3rd, 2021, we’re accepting submissions from writers grades 11-12 of their original, unpublished work. Writers may submit one... Continue Reading →

Defining Joel’s Humanity- The Last of Us

By Ethan Dowling, Clay High School What would you do in a post-apocalyptic world? Many forms of media have attempted to explain this, yet none of it stood out to me. However, one video game in particular has taken the... Continue Reading →

Broken Heart’s Lament

By Autumn Byer 11th Grade, Bremen Senior High   I never once dreamed we’d be torn from each other’s arms. My heart feels overwhelmed by the agony resting deep within because you’re gone. Without you, I feel lost in my... Continue Reading →


By: Autumn Owens 12th Grade, Bryan High School Words and yogurt slop out of my slack mouth. Caregivers with phony smiles touch my wrinkled skin and act like they know better than me. They mop up the yogurt and listen... Continue Reading →


By Zachary Veazie 12grade, John Adams High School

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