The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.



Why I am the Way I am- Destiny Dodd

Have you ever felt like everything was just in your head? Have you felt so invisible even when people are looking straight at you? Have you ever felt so alone even when you are in a crowded room full of... Continue Reading →


Discount Massacre -Sarah Lohroff

Egregious greeds grieve over their loss of victory They come home empty-handed with no offering The children of their tribe wail in the night Failed provisions are out of sight Remember the sufferers who mourn, Set aside a moment of... Continue Reading →

Deep Breaths- Stephanie Hickner

Deep breaths and pillows for lips I never forgot how you and I so tightly fit Like two corner pieces jammed until the edges split Buttoned pockets and Eyes that swim Turn around again And I’ve drowned in gin. Like... Continue Reading →

Sonnet (Inspired by Virginia Woolf)- Hunter Martsolf

The waves guide me to the Lighthouse in time Anxiety is building as to when The Lighthouse journey is about the climb  I hope that my world does not start to spin Splash and crash the tide starts to rise... Continue Reading →

It Does Not Speak, But Still, It Moves

By Rachel Stevenson It does not speak, But still, it moves Trapped within its bony cage the weaving of a tapestry ensues Grasping at scraps of thought and word It swiftly stitches them together Impatient for something profound to occur... Continue Reading →

Impractical Jokers

By Bryce Yoder I don’t understand Jokers. Their place in a deck seems like it went unchecked, like the first man to make some playing cards forgot to inspect his work cause Jokers get no respect - as an avid... Continue Reading →

Broken Heart’s Lament

By Autumn Byer 11th Grade, Bremen Senior High   I never once dreamed we’d be torn from each other’s arms. My heart feels overwhelmed by the agony resting deep within because you’re gone. Without you, I feel lost in my... Continue Reading →


By Zachary Veazie 12grade, John Adams High School

The Garden

By Sarah Lohroff Don’t come too close, you’ll be standing in his spot You’ll trample the roses and marigolds I’ve planted with careful thought Watered with tears of conviction and unyielding self-control They stand a little taller with each passing... Continue Reading →

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