The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.



The Hair that Holds the World

By Michelle Moraitis The sky is crashing, falling, driving her to scabbed knees and gruesome toiling. Like Atlas, her hair holds the expanse of sunlit blue and white speckled black – bruising every muscle of her neck. Her hair grows... Continue Reading →

Collection of Poems on Coronavirus

By Michelle Moraitis Explanation: I have created four poems in response to the Coronavirus. They don’t directly talk about the Coronavirus, but they speak of the many truths that so many people have learned through this experience. They also related mostly... Continue Reading →

In a Heap

By Judy Frey It was on that day, I don’t remember which, that I decided not to play anymore. I put down my harmonica, my golden, dented trumpet, my heavy, spinet piano, and my little trained voice, and I left... Continue Reading →


By Mahalia Gaff The Light of Your Innocence   Five years old and you tear yourself away from your mama’s grasp.   Racing to the swings, the monkey bars, the slides. You don’t look back, not once. You don’t see,... Continue Reading →

The Impostor Poems

By Madison Dykes To Be a WriterThere’s a stir in the air,Something you can’t quite place.It rises and it fades,Into the dislocated space—Where dreams are born. Always with an image or phrase,Do these musings springConsuming your minds-eye—Until you pick up your... Continue Reading →

Micah’s Bubblegum Psalm

By Micah Mann 1. I swallowed the bubblegumI took the gift He gave, and it’s goneI had an itch, and I caved, I feel dumb 2. Wisdom filled sayings from momGet replayed on the tip of my tongueFrivolous fun led... Continue Reading →


By Mahalia Gaff Fourteen days ago, March 11th, I heard a rumor that my school might close for a couple of weeks. No, no way, I thought to myself. I can be so irrational, so I have to talk myself... Continue Reading →

Five Empty Words

By Madison Dykes We often utter in the silenceAnd in the noise of life—Tomorrow.I’ll do it tomorrow.I’ll see it tomorrow,I’ll say it tomorrow.Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.But what if there is no tomorrow?No goodbyes, or good mornings;No more glimpses of the world;No... Continue Reading →


By Franklin Joyce Love is like the mountain seaShimmering tween twin rivulets of erosionLapping upon the cliffs, speaking a voice into the mistThat the mist has never heardBut remembers, as the river droplet recalls the mountain springRealizing that this sound... Continue Reading →

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