The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.


Prompt Winners

A Friend?

By Brianna Densmore I’m holding on to my love for you. Even when it hurts. Even when I wonder if you truly love me back. My love is strong, undying, and                   ... Continue Reading →

Rumor Has It

By Autumn Owens Your poisonous teeth bite my heart, I am already riddled with disease, please don't keep cutting ugly patterns into my back, it hurts more than you'd think and as you continue to write your petty stories, breathing... Continue Reading →

Time and Your Hand

By Claire Prins Most nights it wasn’t difficultTo fall asleep.But then again, thisWasn’t most nights.The sun and stars still shineThrough my curtainsAnd fingers with whispersCall me back.Back?Back to when?To when time was easilyGrasped and your hand wasStill in mine and... Continue Reading →

Another Time?

By Mahalia Gaff Conversation—empty; bland.Time—passing; slowly.Hurry—split, splat.Food—falling from his mouth.Eyes—dropping to my lap.Shame—how could I say yes to this?Check—please and thank you.Another time?I think not.

Chugging Away

By Michelle Moraitis Smoke smudged the pure blue sky as the train approached like a giant caterpillar inching its way across the countryside, growing in size as it approached Orchard Lake Station. Madeline trembled on the station platform, tendrils of... Continue Reading →

The Blue Dog Democrat ate my homework

By Clay Sidenbender The canine ate my homework,He shredded it bit by bit;And I worked hard on the Green New Deal,My grandfather just laughed it,A bill ending with lots of zeros,So important that I won’t quit.When read the numbers out... Continue Reading →

The Inhuman Exchange

By Clayton Sidenbender “Will the world ever forgive us for what we’ve done?” John Pendleton wondered aloud, his voice cutting through the howling wind. No one, not even Jagmeet, the philosopher, offered an answer. The faint sound of chewing from... Continue Reading →

Regrets of a Survivor

By Autumn Owens I'm sorry I never held your hand when we were huddled in the bomb shelter. I'm sorry that as the toxins filled the air and the ceiling shattered, I didn't pull you close. We were never sisters,... Continue Reading →

Had I known I was going to have guests at 4am, I would’ve tidied up.

By Alayna Wort Had I known I was going to have guestsAt 4am I would have tidied up.Had I known,I was going to have guests at 4am,I would have tidied up.I would have tidied up,For the sake of the guests... Continue Reading →

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