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Student Writer in Residence

The Dull Heartbeat of a Crying Nation

By Bryce Yoder, Student Writer in Residence The steady,breathless,thump thump.thump thump.thump thump.I hear it every morning,every night -with every retweet and every likea nation holds it breath.And you can feel the tension in the pit of its chest.I woke up... Continue Reading →

Self Portrait

By Bryce Yoder, Student Writer in Residence Let me break out my fountain pen,paint you a picture:A senior in college feeling sort of like a grifter,a drifterafloat in a world he’s still learning,writing poemsproseand punny linesto keep the firewood in... Continue Reading →

Student Writer in Residence

This is a brand new initiative from The Crossings. In its first year, its trial run, The Crossings' Staff has selected Bryce Yoder as the publication's Student Writer in Residence (SWIR). This means that Bryce will represent the publication by... Continue Reading →

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