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Tips From The Editors

How do I write effective dialogue?

Writing dialogue that is both natural and engaging can be a tricky task. We want a dialogue between our characters to be realistic, but we also need it to advance the plot or reveal important information. Thus, writing dialogue effectively... Continue Reading →


How Do I Develop A Character?

Every compelling story needs equally compelling characters, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin. In his workshop “On Finding and Growing Ideas for Fiction” at the 2018 Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing, author Shawn Smucker... Continue Reading →

Should My Story be Plot-Centered or Character-Centered?

               While most writers will eventually have to make a choice between character or plot as their central focus in a piece, that does not mean the decision is (or should be) an exact either/or. While one may prevail as... Continue Reading →

What are some tips for brainstorming story ideas?

The first step in writing any creative piece is generating an interesting and unique concept which can later be expanded into a fully developed plot. While on some (extremely rare) occasions these concepts seem to magically manifest from nowhere, it... Continue Reading →

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