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Tips From The Editors

Knight’s Tips 1: The Sentence

By Taylor Knight The inescapable reality every writer must realize is the inevitability of an imperfect sentence. A story is made up of hundreds, if not thousands, of these tiny structures. So how do we manufacture a sentence, let alone... Continue Reading →

What are some tips on world building for fantasy or science fiction stories?

Fantasy and Science Fiction are some of the hardest genres to write, especially if you plan on creating an entirely different world. The first step in world building is making note of all the necessary components a world needs. The... Continue Reading →

How should I express a character’s emotions?

"I'm sad" and "she felt angry" are oversimplified, boring, and clearly not the best choices for emotional descriptions. Sorry if I offended anyone who has ever written a description like that (I'm sure most of us have at some point.... Continue Reading →

How do I develop conflict and tension in my story?

So you’ve developed a plot and created your characters. Now, you have to make your readers care. As your characters begin their story and live out the plot you’ve created, there must be tension in your writing. You don’t simply... Continue Reading →

How much backstory should I use?

Writing backstory can be a delicate balance. Write too much and your readers will get bored waiting for the plot to move forward, but don’t write enough and you’ll leave readers hopelessly confused. A masterful writer will know how to... Continue Reading →

How do I develop a plot?

A traditional plot development traces the action of the plot through exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. However, some writers do not find this to be a useful way to conceptualize their plots. Janet Burroway in Imaginative Writing... Continue Reading →

How do I write effective dialogue?

Writing dialogue that is both natural and engaging can be a tricky task. We want a dialogue between our characters to be realistic, but we also need it to advance the plot or reveal important information. Thus, writing dialogue effectively... Continue Reading →

How Do I Develop A Character?

Every compelling story needs equally compelling characters, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin. In his workshop “On Finding and Growing Ideas for Fiction” at the 2018 Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing, author Shawn Smucker... Continue Reading →

Should My Story be Plot-Centered or Character-Centered?

               While most writers will eventually have to make a choice between character or plot as their central focus in a piece, that does not mean the decision is (or should be) an exact either/or. While one may prevail as... Continue Reading →

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