The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.




By Myka Ellenwood The darkness seemed to swallow the small amount of light cast from the headlights. Louise felt tears starting to well up in her eyes. She shook her head, trying to expel the tears. She drove for what... Continue Reading →

Through the Storm

By Madison Van Dyk It was 10pm on Wednesday, July 11th; I felt Ruth’s hand tightly interlocked with mine as the large drops of rain drenched our bodies. My wet clothes weighed me down, and the coldness of the water... Continue Reading →

A Break in the Horizon

By Madison Dykes There’s a darkness looming over me. And like a thief in the night it comes to take the very breath from my lungs, the sparkle in my eye, and the joy in my heart. I feel nothing... Continue Reading →

The Last Time Hopper

By Myka Ellenwood I sit at the air café. The only place in town for teens to hang out without the need for respirators. I watch the others talk and laugh through their sim screens. I flick through the different... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side of the Hidden World

By Gabrielle Swartzentruber The spears pierced the sky like a thousand deadly sewing needles stitching the fabric of war. The thundering of the cannons shook the ground and matched the thunder that was crashing overhead, creating a cacophony in the... Continue Reading →

Summer After Starlight

By Elizabeth G. Coogan I contemplate the stars againthe points confusing meeach barbed with a tough edgea painful realitySo I turned to the planetsbut they just went round and roundso I looked down to earthwhere I stood on shifting groundSo... Continue Reading →

Page 102 by Nic Weimer


By Myka Ellenwood Touch is intimateTouch is powerfulIt is a driving forceIt intrigues and pulls you inIt creates a bondIt lingers on the skin,long after the contact is goneWhen the hand lifts, coolness takes its placeThe memory of touch lasts,even... Continue Reading →

Why I am the Way I am

By Destiny Dodd Have you ever felt like everything was just in your head? Have you felt so invisible even when people are looking straight at you? Have you ever felt so alone even when you are in a crowded... Continue Reading →

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