The Crossings



The Story

by Dr. Bryan Isaac


Creator’s might
Crafts our delight,
His works reveal His nature.
The land, the sky,
The birds that fly;
Our planet’s every creature.

Then humans came,
Born in His name,
God’s plan? With us, relate!
But we said “no,”
Our way we’d go:
Rejecting God, our fate.

Ties to renew,
God chose a few;
Through them all nations blesses.
He led this race –
They’d see His face;
Gave Law and Scriptures, precious.

Long years passed by,
Their faith ran dry,
God’s favored were cast out.
Yet David’s seed,
God’s Prince of Peace,
By love would win: no doubt.

God’s only Son
To Earth did come,
The perfect Incarnation.
He came to die,
Then rose on high –
The needed resurrection.

So now God dares
To call us heirs;
Through Christ we are forgiven .
With Him we’ll live,
All praise we’ll give,
Abide with God in heaven.



An Ode to My Childhood as a Carnie

by Rebekah Miller

See the July night, red-white striped tents,

 lights from rides’ mounts.

Smell the cotton candy pink and popcorn buttered.

Stationary horses whinny

as they go round and round.

The street’s full of clowns and

painted faces and ice-cream and churches and

jeeps and tickets and laughter and


The Guardians.

Carnival, you wouldn’t be complete without


Parents who love their offspring so much they

don’t mind injuring someone else’s.


The fuming height sticks make houses of



Do you like what you see, Carnival?


Do you miss my crawls through moonwalk innards?

The claustrophobia as playful walls

cast their eerie crimson light?


Carnival, are you Fair?

Amidst the balloons and bubbles,

I see your teeth.


Carnival, the daughter of the Ferris Wheel Operator

has become her own Strong Man.


I walk my tightrope with no

net to catch.

I don’t hide my face behind your

bulbous red nose.


I have found the courage to choke down the sword

and breathe fire flames.


Carnival, you are no longer the ringmaster.


I will shoot myself to the stars

out of your old, rusty cannon.


And as I soar my wings in flight,

far, far below

will be the tent You built crumbling down

in the flames I set ablaze.

“The Thing” and “To Make Sense”–a short poetry collection

From an anonymous alumnus.

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