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Bethel Creatives, no. 1: Emily Lynn Ford

Emily Lynn FordSophomoreEnglish & Writing MajorBethel University Interview conducted by Mahalia Gaff in the The Crossings’s series on creativity and diversity within Bethel University’s student body. The heart behind this series is to explore creativity in a broader sense and to be encouraged and inspired by the creatives on our campus and the things that... Continue Reading →


By Franklin Joyce Love is like the mountain seaShimmering tween twin rivulets of erosionLapping upon the cliffs, speaking a voice into the mistThat the mist has never heardBut remembers, as the river droplet recalls the mountain springRealizing that this sound is a song of ancient terrorA voice that speaks from deep wells of memoryWhen the... Continue Reading →

Reorientation and Transformation

By Alayna Wort THE DREAM IN THE NEXT BODYBY GABEBA BADEROON Forty years ago, the oak had startedto lean, gentle as a hill, and now,its own weight threatenedto pull apart its trunk.Mr Moriarty, the tree surgeon, touchesthe base of its long trunk and says,here. This is where it started.Nothing tells uswhat pulls apart our centre.Something... Continue Reading →

Personal Essay- Dreams of a Future Writer

By DC Bolling Every single person has a specific job that they’ve always dreamt of having, and it rarely comes true. We’ve all been there at a certain point in our everyday lives. Some want to pursue a career in being a doctor. Some want to pursue a career in becoming a teacher. But what... Continue Reading →

The Thief and the Shadow

By Gabrielle Swartzentruber The universe is ruled by noneSave for only two,Time - dictator of a death march,Hope – leading a coup.The wizened three servants of TimeCut their victim’s cords.With their golden scissors they ruleAs eternal lords.The hardy followers of HopeResisting Fate vile,To cast their eyes on falling starsFleeting all the while.When Time knew Hope... Continue Reading →

Blessed Be Your Name

By Michelle Moraitis Reaching the bottom step, I shuffled through the dim hallway to where the morning sun was invading the yellow walls of the kitchen with its presence, the rays getting tangled in the messy tendrils of my mother’s hair, causing me to squint as she spun around to greet me. “Michelle! Good morning!... Continue Reading →

All Good Things

By Lynn Ford I hadn’t wanted to break up with him. But to me, it seemed inevitable. All good things come to an end: the phrase just popped in my head, out of nowhere. I was walking with him when it did. We were holding hands. He saw my facial expression and kissed my forehead,... Continue Reading →

A Long Walk to Understanding

By Alayna Wort The last line in Nelson Mandela’s memoir, “A Long Walk to Freedom,” says “But I can rest only for a moment, for with freedom comes responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not yet ended.” With so many thoughts, ideas, feelings, and reflections that come from this 625-page... Continue Reading →

Another Time?

By Mahalia Gaff Conversation—empty; bland.Time—passing; slowly.Hurry—split, splat.Food—falling from his mouth.Eyes—dropping to my lap.Shame—how could I say yes to this?Check—please and thank you.Another time?I think not.

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