At The Crossings we believe that art is a means through which we can explore the intersection between human experience and the divine. Because the ultimate goal of The Crossings is to publish beautiful and enlightening pieces that are honest and redemptive in nature, we recognize the importance of accurately portraying life in both our fiction and nonfiction works. One of the major realities of life is sin, and oftentimes it is necessary for art to include sin in order to accurately portray the many people, values, and lifestyles that are a part of the human experience.

Here at The Crossings, our team of editors work hard to ensure that each piece we post takes seriously the call to explore the human experience. Because of this goal, some posts may contain content, including language, violence, drug use, and other material that sensitive readers might find objectionable or difficult to read. We don’t include this material for the sake of vulgarity or “shock value.” Instead, we believe that it is vital for honest faith to confront difficult realities, and honest art must portray characters and situations in realistic ways. To do any less would be a disservice to the art and to the God who meets people in the midst of even the darkest situations. Sometimes such pieces may not explicitly reference God or even have a redeeming narrative. However, we believe that any investigation into the human condition is vitally important because it helps us to better understand who we are and how we relate to the divine.

Pieces that contain unnecessary, gratuitous, explicit content will not be published in The Crossings—such content is often used simply as a means for entertainment or shock value and does not lead the reader to a greater understanding of God, or a more illuminating view of the human experience. The editors reserve the right to make that determination for each piece that is submitted. We appreciate your understanding in our endeavor to glorify God by bearing his image through the honest creation of art.


Kayla Rundquist, Managing Editors