During this troubling and anxiety-inducing time of our lives, The Crossings recognizes the importance of art that brings us together, encourages us, and captures the realities of life during this pandemic. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing pieces that do exactly that.

Some of these pieces are meant to give words of hope during these times. Some are meant to document thoughts and feelings as we all move through this period of isolation. At The Crossings, we want to encourage authors to create and share art that speaks to them.

You can read published pieces below, or submit your own by emailing crossings@betheluniversity.edu.

An Unlikely Gift

By Brianne Larson Seven weeks ago I was waking up at 6 am, pulling my tired, yet excited body out of bed and pouring a massive cup of coffee into a to-go mug that would be chugged during my 15-minute commute while Lauren Daigle poured hope into my ears.  Seven weeks ago I was rushing… Continue Reading →

Collection of Poems on Coronavirus

By Michelle Moraitis Explanation: I have created four poems in response to the Coronavirus. They don’t directly talk about the Coronavirus, but they speak of the many truths that so many people have learned through this experience. They also related mostly to my experience of being home days on end, therefore, they aren’t not directly about… Continue Reading →


By Alayna Wort “As much as I hate to say this, I think we need to be on a plane, heading home Thursday.” The breath we had all held from the moment we were told we had until 5pm Eastern Standard Time to decide whether or not we wanted to return to the states, was… Continue Reading →


By Elaina Abbott “Attention shoppers! Attention shoppers! There is no more toilet paper and Clorox wipes. We are completely out. Please try another store!” That is what the overhead speaker was saying at the grocery store. Out of toilet paper? Out of Clorox wipes? What is happening? This is not something that is a joke… Continue Reading →


By Mahalia Gaff Fourteen days ago, March 11th, I heard a rumor that my school might close for a couple of weeks. No, no way, I thought to myself. I can be so irrational, so I have to talk myself down when I hear rumors or conspiracies or pretty much anything these days. An e-mail:… Continue Reading →

Five Empty Words

By Madison Dykes We often utter in the silenceAnd in the noise of life—Tomorrow.I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll see it tomorrow,I’ll say it tomorrow.Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. But what if there is no tomorrow?No goodbyes, or good mornings;No more glimpses of the world;No more chances, or words to be uttered. Just the echoing reminderOf empty promises,And… Continue Reading →