Madison Dykes- Associate Editor, Content Contributor

Madison Dykes is a fourth-year English and Writing major who was formerly known as what she likes to call a “Book Scoffer.” She has since learned the error of her ways, and is now an avid reader who loves a wide variety of books–but is especially partial to Fantasy novels. You will often find her with her headphones on listening to music–contemplating a million different things at once. Madison’s dream and ultimate goal is to one day become an Young Adult fiction writer.

Gabrielle Swartzentruber – Associate Editor, Content Contributor

Gabrielle Swartzentruber is a senior at Bethel University and will be graduating in the spring of 2022 with a Studio Arts degree and an English with Writing degree. During her time at Bethel, she has worked as an administrative assistant in the office of admissions, a teaching assistant for the painting classes, and participated as a member of the Bethel Honors Program. She has taught a summer art camp to sixth graders at Bethel, and is also an undergraduate resident at the South Bend Art Museum. After she graduates, she will be applying for jobs in the Midwest that will utilize her creative abilities, writing expertise, and extensive office experience.

Samantha Hirschy – Associate Editor, Content Contributor

Samantha Hirschy is a sophomore who is majoring in English Education. Since she was 7 years old, she has always loved reading whatever she could get her hands on. This caused her to get in trouble during school because she would be found reading rather than listening. Later, her love for reading developed into a passion for writing. She can be found spending time with her friends during the day, but with her head in a book late into the night.

Cassie McNamara – Associate Editor, Content Contributor

Cassie McNamara is a junior, majoring in English Education. She has always had a love for reading great books, especially predictable romance novels, and the many other things that come with the subject of Language Arts. She also loves being around her friends, enjoying the outdoors, seeing new movies, and traveling to warmer places. She hopes to one day be a secondary English teacher and help others find their love for Literature. 

Taylor Knight – Managing Editor, Content Contributor

Taylor Knight is a third-year English and Writing major originally from Flower Mound, Texas. In his free time he enjoys creating stories through the various avenues at his disposal, whether it be writing or computer animation. After years of failing to capture useful thoughts, he is now quick to jot down any quote he thinks of on his phone for future works. He is an admirer of track and field as much as he is a participant in the sport, and can often be found deep in thought about whatever inspiration music and books bring to mind.