Picture1Elaina Abbott- Associate Editor (Print & Visual Arts)

Elaina Abbott is a Liberal Arts major, in her third year at Bethel University. In her free time, she enjoys writing and reading. She also loves animals of all kinds and especially loves taking care of her aunt’s horses and llama.



Elizabeth Coogan- Associate Editor (Visual Arts), Creative Writing Conference Coordinator

Elizabeth Grace is a 2nd year English major, with a minor in Studio Arts. Elizabeth loves to be outside, especially in the woods and near the lakes where she grew up in North Carolina. She started keeping a journal from a young age and stayed in touch with several friends through writing letters, causing recreational writing to become a part of her life. In her spare time, she loves to hangout with her family and friends, listen to audio books and music, and to draw and paint.



Myka Ellenwood- Associate Editor (Online), Development & Promotions Coordinator

Myka Ellenwood is an English Education major, currently in her third year at Bethel. She enjoys reading and writing in her very little spare time. Her favorite past time is playing video games or watching Netflix with her husband Bryan.


Emily Ford Outdoor-1

Lynn Ford- Associate Editor (Print), High School Writing Contest Coordinator

Lynn Ford is a third year English and Writing major from Jones, Michigan. Lynn was homeschooled her whole life, so she wore pajamas to every class. She has just learned to keep a journal this summer, calling it “a collection of inspiration and personal discoveries—whether beautiful or heart-wrenching—so as to keep from emotionally exploding days later.” She recommends keeping a journal for anyone who wants to further their writing career. Lynn’s role models are God and Ted Dekker. Lynn also plays volleyball, loves Harry Potter, and is currently addicted to Teen Wolf.


Stephanie Hickner- Content Contributor

Stephanie Hickner is a junior double-majoring in English and Writing and Philosophy from a small town in southern Indiana. She’s been writing stories and memoirs since she was an angsty pre-teen. Her favorite literary genre is science fiction, and she enjoys writing about animals, and sharing humorous anecdotes from her life. Her dream is to touch as many people’s lives as possible with her words. She prides herself on being an outsider, and she encourages others to do the same. She writes how she feels, and she won’t hold back. 



Brianne Larson- High School Writing Contest Coordinator, Creative Writing Conference Coordinator

Brianne Larson is in her fifth year here at Bethel as an English Education major. She will begin her student teaching in the spring at Penn High School teaching English 9. Her favorite spot to write is on the mint-colored chaise in the corner of her room, curled up with a cup of coffee and a cozy blanket. Her mother gave her a love for reading, and she fell in love with literature during the 1037 pages of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind she read while she was in the seventh grade. You will often find her purchasing coffee at SG or one of the local Starbucks.


me (3)

Jamie Mast- Social Media Coordinator

Jamie Mast is a third year English Education Major from Middlebury, Indiana. In her free time, Jamie enjoys reading and drawing as well as playing music with her friends and family.






Emily Oliver- Managing Editor

Emily Oliver is an English and Writing major in her third year at Bethel University. She grew up in Muncie, Indiana, and currently resides in Fort Wayne. You may find her strolling around campus to look at the squirrels or making a coffee run to SG.