Madison Dykes- Associate Editor, Content Contributor

Madison Dykes is a fourth-year English and Writing major who was formerly known as what she likes to call a “Book Scoffer.” She has since learned the error of her ways, and is now an avid reader who loves a wide variety of books–but is especially partial to Fantasy novels. You will often find her with her headphones on listening to music–contemplating a million different things at once. Madison’s dream and ultimate goal is to one day become an Young Adult fiction writer.

Morgan Swartzentruber – Associate Editor, Visual Designer, Contest Coordinator

Morgan Swartzentruber is a sophomore who is double majoring in Psychology and English and Writing. This is her first year working on The Crossings, and she loves all things writing, literature, and art. Some of her other interests include drawing, music, fashion, and long naps. Although she is a commuter, Morgan can usually be found either stressing over homework in the library or spending time with her friends on campus.

Michala Zappia – Associate Editor, Contest Coordinator

Michala Zappia is a third-year Liberal Studies major with concentrations in Writing, Biblical Studies, and Theology. She first discovered her love for writing around the age of 7 after developing an obsession for reading. Now, she uses writing as an outlet to organize and better understand her cluttered thoughts and emotions, as well as help give voice to others who may feel or experience things similarly to her. She has lived five minutes from Bethel her entire life and commutes to campus. She is currently working as a TA and Writing Center coach. She loves to have meaningful conversations with people, and in her free time, she enjoys reading books on theology, watching apologetics YouTube videos, and spending sunny summer days at the beach.

Taylor Knight – Managing Editor, Content Contributor

Taylor Knight is a third-year English and Writing major originally from Flower Mound, Texas. In his free time he enjoys creating stories through the various avenues at his disposal, whether it be writing or computer animation. After years of failing to capture useful thoughts, he is now quick to jot down any quote he thinks of on his phone for future works. He is an admirer of track and field as much as he is a participant in the sport, and can often be found deep in thought about whatever inspiration music and books bring to mind.