Picture1Elaina Abbott- Associate Editor (Print & Visual Arts), Event Coordinator

Elaina Abbott is a Liberal Arts major, in her third year at Bethel University. In her free time, she enjoys writing and reading. She also loves animals of all kinds and especially loves taking care of her aunt’s horses and llama.



IMG_0085Madison Dykes- Associate Editor (Print & Online)

Madison Dykes is a second year English and Writing major who was formerly known as what she likes to call a “Book Scoffer.” She has since learned the error of her ways, and is now an avid reader who loves a wide variety of books— but is especially partial to Fantasy novels. You will often find her with her headphones on listening to music— contemplating a million different things at once. Madison’s dream and ultimate goal in life is to one day become a Young Adult fiction writer.

Emily Ford Outdoor-1

Lynn Ford- Associate Editor (Online)

Lynn Ford is a third-year English and Writing major from Jones, Michigan. Lynn was homeschooled her whole life, so she wore pajamas to every class. She has just learned to keep a journal and calls it “a collection of inspiration & personal discoveries—whether beautiful or heart-wrenching—so as to keep from emotionally exploding later.” She recommends keeping a journal for anyone who wants to further their writing. Lynn’s role models are God and Ted Dekker and she shares the same passion with Mahalia on small-talk abolishment. Lynn also plays volleyball, loves Harry Potter, longboarding around campus, and is currently trying to convince Netflix to renew her all-time favorite Sci-fi story, The OA, for a third season.

36872173651_d5fe2740e8_oMahalia Gaff- Associate Editor (Online, Development & Promotion)

Mahalia Gaff, known by friends and family as Halee, is a second year English Education major with a Special Education minor. Growing up as a reader, she has now transitioned to spending more and more of her time spilling all of the thoughts and questions constantly bouncing around in her head onto blotchy pages and one too many word documents and iPhone notes. She is currently an RA in Shupe and is deeply passionate about abolishing small-talk in exchange for conversations that mean something, learning everything she possibly can, and chasing what little bits of sunshine pop up around campus in the brutal months of winter.


Brianne Larson- Content Contributor

Brianne Larson is in her fifth year here at Bethel as an English Education major. She will begin her student teaching in the spring at Penn High School teaching English 9. Her favorite spot to write is on the mint-colored chaise in the corner of her room, curled up with a cup of coffee and a cozy blanket. Her mother gave her a love for reading, and she fell in love with literature during the 1037 pages of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind she read while she was in the seventh grade. You will often find her purchasing coffee at SG or one of the local Starbucks.

Jenni Martinez- Associate Editor (Development & Promotion)

As an English and Writing major, Jenni Martinez loves to write. Poetry is her favorite way to express her thoughts, as well as her favorite way to understand the thoughts of others. Sitting at the top of the only mountain (or hill I suppose most people would call it…) found in Nappanee, Indiana is the loveliest place to sit and reflect on the beauty of God’s creation. Jenni suggests finding a spot to call your own, a spot where you can sit in peace with you and God alone, the joy that blooms from basking in the sunlight of God’s creation is incommensurable. Never forget that in God’s eyes “you are all the colors in one at full brightness” (a line from All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, aka Jenni’s favorite book in the world).

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Jamie Mast- Social Media Coordinator

Jamie Mast is a third year English Education Major from Middlebury, Indiana. In her free time, Jamie enjoys reading and drawing as well as playing music with her friends and family.




Michelle Moraitis- Associate Editor (Online), High School Writing Contest Coordinator

Michelle grew up in Hartland Michigan, a little town north of Ann Arbor. Bethel is where she has made her home for the next few years, and she plans to graduate as an English Education major with a minor in Biology. She has been on the track team at Bethel for almost a year and played basketball for Bethel her first two years. Espresso drinking, reading, writing, dancing, and hanging out with friends are her favorite things to do. She hopes to one day teach English overseas and become an author and maybe start her own ministry and of course accomplish many other dreams! God is always her number one and she plans to do everything according to His perfect will!


Emily Oliver- Managing Editor

Emily Oliver is an English and Writing major in her third year at Bethel University. She grew up in Muncie, Indiana, and currently resides in Fort Wayne. You may find her strolling around campus to look at the squirrels or making a coffee run to SG.