The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.

Wounds are Where Light Enters by Walter Wangerin Jr. – Joanna Smith

            Wounds are Where Light Enters is an extraordinary book that explores God’s grace being shown in many unexpected ways. Walt Wangerin Jr. emphasizes how God’s grace can be seen through the unlikeliest of people and through the strangest experiences... Continue Reading →


How Do I Develop A Character?

Every compelling story needs equally compelling characters, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin. In his workshop “On Finding and Growing Ideas for Fiction” at the 2018 Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing, author Shawn Smucker... Continue Reading →

Should My Story be Plot-Centered or Character-Centered?

               While most writers will eventually have to make a choice between character or plot as their central focus in a piece, that does not mean the decision is (or should be) an exact either/or. While one may prevail as... Continue Reading →

Three Decisions

Gabe Jones I find it rather hard for me to look back on my life and debate on which three decisions I would choose to go back and change. Though I am not merely too old, almost 21-years-old to be... Continue Reading →

What are some tips for brainstorming story ideas?

The first step in writing any creative piece is generating an interesting and unique concept which can later be expanded into a fully developed plot. While on some (extremely rare) occasions these concepts seem to magically manifest from nowhere, it... Continue Reading →

Virginia Woolf Mosaic

By Allison Coffeen I made a mosaic of Virginia Woolf out of lighthouse pictures that I’ve taken throughout the years. I work at the beach so I am blessed enough to be able to take a lot of sunset and... Continue Reading →

Broken Heart’s Lament

By Autumn Byer 11th Grade, Bremen Senior High   I never once dreamed we’d be torn from each other’s arms. My heart feels overwhelmed by the agony resting deep within because you’re gone. Without you, I feel lost in my... Continue Reading →


By: Autumn Owns 12th Grade, Bryan High School Words and yogurt slop out of my slack mouth. Caregivers with phony smiles touch my wrinkled skin and act like they know better than me. They mop up the yogurt and listen... Continue Reading →


By Zachary Veazie 12grade, John Adams High School

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