The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.


Lynn Ford

Normal People by Sally Rooney

By Lynn Ford There is a point in one’s life — that can last a day or even years — in which one questions life and its purpose.  The transition from high school to college is usually the particular time... Continue Reading →

Bethel Creatives, no. 1: Emily Lynn Ford

Emily Lynn FordSophomoreEnglish & Writing MajorBethel University Interview conducted by Mahalia Gaff in the The Crossings’s series on creativity and diversity within Bethel University’s student body. The heart behind this series is to explore creativity in a broader sense and to be encouraged and inspired by the creatives on our campus and the things that... Continue Reading →

All Good Things

By Lynn Ford I hadn’t wanted to break up with him. But to me, it seemed inevitable. All good things come to an end: the phrase just popped in my head, out of nowhere. I was walking with him when it did. We were holding hands. He saw my facial expression and kissed my forehead,... Continue Reading →


By Lynn Ford Like a wolf,protector of its pack,his eyes aflame,he stared down the boyswho treat hearts like toys.He ignited my hopessaid I’d never cry alone.He saidI love you.I saidBut for how long?He saidForever and always.Like the winter cold,false hope bit our noses,but I clung to his neck.Blue eyes that pierced melike flames that lovinglybrought... Continue Reading →

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