The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.


Madison Dykes

The Impostor Poems

By Madison Dykes To Be a WriterThere’s a stir in the air,Something you can’t quite place.It rises and it fades,Into the dislocated space—Where dreams are born. Always with an image or phrase,Do these musings springConsuming your minds-eye—Until you pick up your... Continue Reading →

Five Empty Words

By Madison Dykes We often utter in the silenceAnd in the noise of life—Tomorrow.I’ll do it tomorrow.I’ll see it tomorrow,I’ll say it tomorrow.Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.But what if there is no tomorrow?No goodbyes, or good mornings;No more glimpses of the world;No... Continue Reading →

How to Make Friends with the Dark by Kathleen Glasgow

By Madison Dykes Grief is a simultaneously universal and elusive feeling, weaving in and out of people’s lives like an aimless, wandering child—seemingly unaware of just how much of an effect it has. It can often feel akin to walking... Continue Reading →

Peripheral Shadow

By Madison Dykes The soft click-click, slide of my mechanical pencil soothed me, as I waited for class to begin. The room was loud and rambunctious as usual as my classmates and I awaited Dr. Brandt’s arrival. I shook my... Continue Reading →

A Break in the Horizon

By Madison Dykes There’s a darkness looming over me. And like a thief in the night it comes to take the very breath from my lungs, the sparkle in my eye, and the joy in my heart. I feel nothing... Continue Reading →

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