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The Intersection of Faith and Art.


Mahalia Gaff

What if We Could See?

By Mahalia Gaff It happened so many years ago that people don’t talk about it anymore. Yeah, yeah, we can’t see anymore, but who cares? What matters is what we’re doing now, without our sight, not how to get it... Continue Reading →


By Mahalia Gaff The Light of Your Innocence   Five years old and you tear yourself away from your mama’s grasp.   Racing to the swings, the monkey bars, the slides. You don’t look back, not once. You don’t see,... Continue Reading →


By Mahalia Gaff Fourteen days ago, March 11th, I heard a rumor that my school might close for a couple of weeks. No, no way, I thought to myself. I can be so irrational, so I have to talk myself... Continue Reading →

Bethel Creatives, no. 1: Emily Lynn Ford

Emily Lynn FordSophomoreEnglish & Writing MajorBethel University Interview conducted by Mahalia Gaff in the The Crossings’s series on creativity and diversity within Bethel University’s student body. The heart behind this series is to explore creativity in a broader sense and to be encouraged and inspired by the creatives on our campus and the things that... Continue Reading →

Another Time?

By Mahalia Gaff Conversation—empty; bland.Time—passing; slowly.Hurry—split, splat.Food—falling from his mouth.Eyes—dropping to my lap.Shame—how could I say yes to this?Check—please and thank you.Another time?I think not.

Lessons of Control, Learned in the Paradox of Sexuality

By Mahalia Gaff When I was in middle school, I first touched myself. It scared me, how I felt in that moment. But ultimately, the fear won out and I didn’t do it again, at least not for many, many more years. At the time though, I couldn’t explain why. What had instigated it? What... Continue Reading →

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