The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.


Michelle Moraitis

Walking on Water Isn’t Easy

By Michelle Moraitis “Let me come to you Lord!” I scream above the waves.  Jesus doesn’t force me to come, but he allows my desire for him to propel me to leave the ship. He beckons. He invites. I throw my legs over the side and my feet land miraculously... Continue Reading →

Buddhist Fog

By Michelle Moraitis Pooling sweat, moist and hot, clothing sticks, along the creases of armpits. The air is so heavy, a thick, cumbersome smog among tropical life, and Pad Thai noodles; the spirits create this Buddhist fog. Satan stands, in... Continue Reading →

The Hair that Holds the World

By Michelle Moraitis The sky is crashing, falling, driving her to scabbed knees and gruesome toiling. Like Atlas, her hair holds the expanse of sunlit blue and white speckled black – bruising every muscle of her neck. Her hair grows... Continue Reading →

Collection of Poems on Coronavirus

By Michelle Moraitis Explanation: I have created four poems in response to the Coronavirus. They don’t directly talk about the Coronavirus, but they speak of the many truths that so many people have learned through this experience. They also related mostly... Continue Reading →

Building My Own City

By Michelle Moraitis “Let’s just play one more game of hide and seek! Please!” I begged Rico and Javier, pressing my palms together. We already played six games, but my cousins didn’t come over very often. If only Rico wanted... Continue Reading →

Blessed Be Your Name

By Michelle Moraitis Reaching the bottom step, I shuffled through the dim hallway to where the morning sun was invading the yellow walls of the kitchen with its presence, the rays getting tangled in the messy tendrils of my mother’s... Continue Reading →

Chugging Away

By Michelle Moraitis Smoke smudged the pure blue sky as the train approached like a giant caterpillar inching its way across the countryside, growing in size as it approached Orchard Lake Station. Madeline trembled on the station platform, tendrils of... Continue Reading →

A Haunting Past

By Michelle Moraitis The fog was thick. Ricky put one shaky foot in front of the other, praying that he was still on the path he could no longer see. The forest around him was void of even the rustle... Continue Reading →

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