The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.


Nic Weimer

A Prayer of Conciliation

By Nicholas Weimer The house of the Lord is dividedMany outcry against it.Known are its failures.Known are its shortcomings.It has transgressed many.We have transgressed manyBut those who cry,cry out against themselves.The jury we have calledhas found us all guilty.None are... Continue Reading →

Page 102 by Nic Weimer

Night Swim

By Nic Weimer I glanced down into the reflection of the evening-sky over the still waters. I watched the small wakes, created by my quiet splashing feet, cross the lake’s surface. They bent and warped the image in its progression... Continue Reading →

A Poem Called Dawn

by Nicholas J. Weimer As twilight begins retreating to the west, I stand solemnly in the pasture; like a towering oak. The air, frigid from the late autumn frost Penetrates my fingers; like sunlight through an open window. The starry... Continue Reading →

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