The Crossings

The Intersection of Faith and Art.


Sarah Lohroff

Discount Massacre

By Sarah Lohroff Egregious greeds grieve over their loss of victory They come home empty-handed with no offering The children of their tribe wail in the night Failed provisions are out of sight Remember the sufferers who mourn, Set aside... Continue Reading →

My Mother as a Believer

By Sarah Lohroff I can picture her smile, her crackling laugh that only seems to appear when my dad says something absolutely ridiculous that even he didn’t initially find that funny. I can hear her words of encouragement that make... Continue Reading →

The Garden

By Sarah Lohroff Don’t come too close, you’ll be standing in his spot You’ll trample the roses and marigolds I’ve planted with careful thought Watered with tears of conviction and unyielding self-control They stand a little taller with each passing... Continue Reading →

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